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For all your investigation and surveillance needs get in contact with Obsidian Investigations for a free quote and consultation.                        All inquiries will be treated with the upmost respect and privacy and are strictly confidential at all times.


Obsidian Investigation


obsidian investigations

Obsidian Investigations will conduct investigation and surveillance for clients requesting the services of a private investigator working within the law and following the Privacy Act. 

For visual surveillance a private investigator that is licenced will gather information by observation and following the subject that the client has requested. On the findings the private investigator will provide and produce a detailed report and video with the date and time stamp of the findings and observations to the client. Surveillance is conducted by vehicle or foot following the subject using different techniques, methods, latest state of the art technology and equipment. 

Discretion and confidentiality for the client is treated seriously just as much as professionalism in conducting the investigation or surveillance for the client while at all times respecting the client's situation. 

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