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Some Common Signs of Infidelity

        Signs that your spouse may be CHEATING

​They are frequently absent from home going away on more business trips, shopping, working late, travelling to places where the partner is out of reach.

​They tell you ridiculous stories as it’s a way to explain their absences or overspending.

They hid their computer usage, hiding money, deleting texts and phone call histories.

They come home smelling of another man or woman's cologne or perfume.

They are not wearing their wedding ring when they should be.

They immediately have a shower after getting home from being out.

They have been seen by someone who tells you they are with someone else

They suddenly have an interest in exercising and keeping fit.

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When you walk into a room, they appear startled and immediately change what they are doing e.g. hang up the phone and at times they tend to guard or hide their phone from you.

​They switch pages on their computer or tabs on their computer screen and they shut down their computer quickly when you enter the room.

​They are more concerned with their appearance and the way they look than normal. They spend more time on their appearance e.g. losing weight, hair style and dyeing their hair.

​They come home in different clothing than what they went out in when they left home that morning, day or evening.

They have changed their dress and style of what they wear and they change their perfume or cologne that they wear when they go out.

There is a change in intimacy levels as they are either making excuses cutting you off from intimacy or they have become more intimate towards you as they are feeling guilty.

They have unexplained bills, secret credit cards and high phone bills.

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