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Investigations and Surveillance what we can do for you 

Are you experiencing financial loss from stolen items or equipment has gone missing and money has vanished suddenly with no trace within your workplace, business or home? We can assist you with finding the answers though investigation and surveillance.


Are you worried that you might have dishonest employees, or suspicious that they could be caught up in criminal activities where theft and drugs are involved?  We can assist you in finding out the truth through investigation and surveillance.


Are you suspicious of the activities that your teenagers are getting up to, their movements and what they are doing in their past time and who they are involved with?  We will assist you in finding this out through investigation and surveillance, which will give you peace of mind.


Are you not sure about the person you are dating and want peace of mind before you commit to a relationship to ensure that they are being honest with you and are not already committed in another relationship or a scammer?  To assist you with this we can carry out identity verification checks, relationship status, present and past employment, education history to verify that these are correct.  


Have complaints been made to you concerning harassment and bullying?  We can work undercover to investigate this by conducting surveillance for you discreetly to obtain exactly what is going on and give you the answers.


Have you had illegal litter dumping on your property?  We can assist you by investigating this through investigation or surveillance.


Do you need to locate someone discreetly and do not want to be personally involved yourself?  We can skip trace to locate the person for you, as people disappear for all sorts of reasons.


If you need a witness to be located for a court hearing we will physically go out and locate the witness for you discreetly, as some witnesses do not want to be found and this will be done without attracting any attention.


All of our reports, statements are factual and accurate for the client and can used in legal matters and going to court.

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